Getting To Know DirtBag Baseball Nation

Hello BaseballMilton Players and Families,

I’m Kirk McNabb of DirtBag Baseball Nation and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone we’ve met at one of our Player Development clinics that we’re running out of the Milton Soccer Center. If you haven’t been out yet to see us in action, please feel free to stop by on a Sunday from 11-1 (College Prep Program) or from 2-5 during our House League clinics. If you’re a coach or a parent wishing to learn more about us and this great game of baseball, we will be holding clinics on Sunday Jan. 28, Feb. 25 and March 25 from 2-3:15 and 3:45-5. The first 2 week’s have been a blast for Nolan, Braydon and myself working with Mini Mets from the Tyke/Rookie and Mosquito age groups. If we haven’t seen you or met you yet, we can’t wait to meet you during a clinic soon.

You’re probably wondering what we’re trying to do with Kirk’s Corner. Well to be honest, we’re trying to create some educational forums, interaction with all of you and fun in order to build a stronger and fully encompassing Baseball Milton that’s Powered By DirtBag Baseball Nation. We want every player, coach, and parent to be a proud member of BaseballMilton and take ownership of yourselves on the field and off. It doesn’t matter, if you’re wearing a BaseballMilton or a DirtBag Baseball Nation piece of apparel, you will act responsibly and respectfully at all times! If someone asks you, “Why do you play for BaseballMilton?” I want you to answer, “Why wouldn’t I play for Baseball Milton!” Our idea is to have The Dugout Report with me, Inside The Cage with Braydon, and Tools of Ignorance with Nolan. It could be written material or it could be videos as we continue to grow during these exciting times for BaseballMilton.

I’d like to now answer some questions that we usually get in regards to DirtBag Baseball Nation.

People ask me all the time, why DirtBag?

A “DirtBag” in Baseball is the consummate team player! He/she always has a dirty uniform from trying to do whatever it takes to help their team win the game. They hold themselves to a higher standard as well as their teammates on the field and off. They simply love the game, their teammates, their coaches, their parents so much that they will do everything to make Baseball the best experience possible. Ultimately, being a DirtBag is a Culture and this is what we build into everyone we work with individually, as a team or in this case as an entire association!

What does DirtBag Baseball Nation do and why are we successful?

We offer physical training for Pitchers, Catchers and Hitters but most importantly we develop the mindset of the player, coach or parent to help understand what, how and why they are doing the physical training. When you only develop physically you are creating a player with limited potential and we want to develop 100% complete players who will be successful when we are not around to help them. It’s easy to develop players physically and parents feel good about it because you are visual, but eventually you will come up against equal or better talent and if you don’t have the mindset to be successful you will fail every time. We see this in players and coaches of all levels all the time. We want to build SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS IN EACH PLAYER, PARENT & COACH WE WORK WITH!

What else do we offer?

College Recruiting Services, Apparel, Equipment (Bat/Glove) Affiliation with B45, The Rope Trainer and Jaeger Sports and Kirk is the voice of The Rope Report on Youth Baseball Talk Podcast.

What’s our vision for working with BaseballMilton?

To build a CULTURE throughout the entire association that will create a SUCCESSFUL & SUSTAINABLE ASSOCIATION from House League to Rep to College Prep and beyond that everyone will be privileged to be associated with in some form or another.

If we can work together on this, we can make some great ball players, coaches and parents as well as some great human beings. It starts with one and then it grows from there, so if you want to dive deeper into our Mindset Builder Program, please contact me directly at and we will move forward with full trust and confidentiality. On behalf of Nolan and Braydon, I’m Kirk McNabb and we look forward to meeting all of you and building a #1nation #1team BaseballMilton. As we say here at DirtBag Baseball Nation, Get Up, Get After It, and Get Dirty!