Introduction to DirtBag Baseball Nation

Introduction to DirtBag Baseball Nation

Nolan, Braydon and I want to thank Lloyd, Dave, and the rest of the Board for having a vision of taking BaseballMilton to the next level and hiring us to be a part of this exciting new venture. We have already started with a College Prep Program for players who are high School age and aspire to go to college and play baseball while studying. We can’t wait to get started in January with the House League Player Development and Coach/Parent Mentoring Programs that are being held on Sundays from 2-5 pm at the Milton Soccer Centre. Make sure to follow BaseballMilton and DirtBag Baseball Nation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to stay up with all the new and exciting events we have planned.

Since we are new to everyone, I have tried my best to explain below what DirtBag Baseball Nation is about. The best way to find out who we are and what we are about is to come meet us in person. We can’t wait to meet you, talk baseball with you and as we say here at DirtBag Baseball Nation, “Let’s Get Dirty!”

We are for all baseball players, parents of baseball players, coaches or organizations who want more from your current training program. We also provide expert knowledge in regards to helping you decide which equipment and training aid tools are trustworthy!

Our Industry leading Mindset Building Programs, training programs and training aid affiliations are proven and guaranteed to take your game to the next level.

Unlike the majority of training programs and training facilities, we don’t offer you a quick fix solution. We live Baseball everyday and that’s why we understand that playing Baseball is a journey and you won’t always get instant results. That’s why we designed each area of our training programs to improve the exact skills you want and more importantly, need improved: like your throwing, pitching, catching, hitting, body strength and conditioning or your overall mental capacity of the game!

Key Bonuses of our training programs that will help you achieve ongoing improvements and sustainable success include:

  • help you to build a “Mindset” that is built on having a Right Action Daily Mentality,
  • teaching you to mentally feel and understand when your specific baseball skills
    are correct or not
  • developing and implementing a game plan
  • learning that it takes a DirtBag’s work ethic
  • cool apparel to wear while proving you’re a true member of DirtBag Baseball
    Nation, no matter where you live or who you play for
  • help make this game fun and exciting for all of you

If you’re willing to commit to these criteria, then we say, Welcome to the Nation and “Let’s Get Dirty!”

Our Trusted Affiliations: The Rope Trainer, MyRecruiterApp, J-Bands

Thank You!

Kirk McNabb