The Grasshopper divsion is for players that are or will be 6 years old within the current year of registration. Building on the fundamentals of T-Ball, this is the next level of baseball. The primary difference at this level is that instead of tees, coaches pitch to the players.  This is a key fundamental that helps prepare the player for Rookie Ball and beyond. It allows the player to become accustomed to the presence and motion of a pitcher in front of them.  It teaches them to follow the ball from the release of the hand and allows the coach to work with each child individually while in game situations. As with T-Ball, the Grasshopper divisions do not record scores or track standings. Parent volunteers usually make up a team’s coaching staff and include a Head Coach as well as Assistant Coaches. Parents are also encouraged to become actively involved with overall team duties such as score-keeping, laying down bases, etc.

For the 2022 season, game days and times are pending Town of Milton approval.  

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