Umpire Certification for 2023

The certification process is a little different this year. The format of the certification for 2023 is a hybrid of online modules and in-person training for all levels. All umpires are responsible for paying for their certification fees when they attend the umpire camp. Umpires will be reimbursed their certification fees once they have umpired five (5) games for Milton Minor Baseball.

In-person training is now called Umpire Camps and they will be a 4-hour training session. To be certified you must complete both the online modules and the umpire camp. Please make sure you register for your camp as soon as possible as camps have a maximum number of people that can attend at each one and only the people that registered will be allowed to attend the camp. You can attend any camp in Ontario. Milton will be hosting a camp on April 30th for Level 1 and Level 2. It’s highly recommended that you try and complete your online modules prior to attending your in-person camp.

Certification fees – to be paid at time of attending Umpire in-person camp.
Level 1 - $25
Level 2 - $45
Level 3 - $55

Link to register - 2023 Umpire Certification - Baseball Ontario (

For umpires who have not yet reached their 13th birthday, there is a known glitch in the system that OBA is working with the developer to resolve. For the short term, please enter the umpires proper month and day of birth, with the year 1924 (which is the last year in the drop-down list). That will allow the profile to be created.   OBA will send an email to the address associated with the account when the capability to enter the correct birth year is enabled. Thanks for your
patience as OBA transition to the new systems.

You will register for both the online modules and in-person Umpire Camp through ONDeck. In-person camps are uploaded into the system as associations submit them. That means camp locations are not all in the system right away and to check back if you do not see a camp you wish to attend.

Pre-Season Umpire Virtual Meeting
Level 1 – TBC
Level 2 – TBC
Level 3 – TBC

If you have any questions please contact Tosha Hains at

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