The Rookie division is for players that are or will be 8 and 9 years old within the current year of registration. Rookie Baseball uses a powered pitching machine as the pitcher.  The purpose of rookie ball is to introduce the batter to the pitched ball in a controlled and safe environment via the use of the pitching machine. Teams are typcially comprised of thirteen players.  Rookie ball is the ideal “stepping stone” to the Mosquito Division. Parent volunteers usually make up a team’s coaching staff and include a Head Coach as well as Assistant Coaches. Parents are also encouraged to become actively involved with overall team duties such as score-keeping, laying down bases, etc.

For the 2022 season, game days and times are pending Town of Milton approval.  However we are looking to a schedule similar to last year, i.e. Wednesdays and Thursdays at Rotary Park and Brookville.

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